THE PAPER ISLAND is located at a bend in Copenhagen Harbour’s almost straight canal. From here, there are unobstructed views to both the north and the south.

THE PAPER ISLAND is at the precise spot where Copenhagen’s straight canal turns slightly in direction. Protruding into the water at this bend means that views from the island are unobstructed both to the south and north, out to sea. In view to the north are Frederiksstadens’ warehouses, Amalienborg palace, Copenhagen fort, Langelinie, The Royal Danish Opera house and Holmen. In view to the south are The Royal Greenland Dock, The Black Diamond (The Royal Library), Christianshavn and the government buildings at Slotsholmen. On the opposite bank, The Royal Theatre is flanked by Nyhaven and Kvæsthusbroen, only a few minutes walk over the bridge.