The inner harbour of Copenhagen welcomes a new set of water-based experiences for bathing.

The new island development will be host to a new range of water-based experiences where people can swim both inside and outside in the harbour itself. A 5000 m2 water-culture centre designed by Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma & Associates will be a neighbour to the Opera house and connect to a harbour pool in the north-east corner of the island. This public building will also accommodate a wellness centre and community facilities.

Ejendomsfonden Vandkulturhuset Papirøen is behind the construction.

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The Water Culture House is made up of solid brick stums with light glass bridges spanning between them. The stumps are formed without any specific back or front, giving different perspectives when moving between them. Some bricks have been left out leaving open spaces to look through and bringing in bands of sunlight. After dark, the opposite effect is created with light shining through the holes from the inside. An outdoor pool with heated water is elevated to span between the tops of the stumps.

The water experience extends outside and onto the quayside with a pool for both children and adults. In a tower of the house, meeting rooms as well as training facilities are arranged.

Draft images: Kengo Kuma Kengo Kuma & Associates and Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter, see more at www.vandkulturhusetpapirø